Carlos San Martín


Doctor San Martín has dedicated his entire professional career to the investigation and prevention of aesthetic aging, having at his disposal the best technologies and techniques available.  His determination and constant pursuit of excellence has made him one of the top professionals in the area of Uninvasive Facial and Corporal Remodelling.  In his clinic, every client is treated with a customised service catering to their specific needs and wants.   With an undisputed career in this field Doctor San Martín has held the esteemed position of medical director in the prestigious Cliníca Londres,the Centro Médico Goya and the Clínica Hedonai until he decided to open his own clinic in Madrid; Clínica Bella Donna.  He is also currently lecturing in the University of Cordoba in the Masters degree in Aesthetic Medicine, sharing his knowledge in these advanced techniques to combat the aging process.

He is a specialist in botox, photorejuventation, pigmentation correction, facial remodelling, volume recuperation through the use of various different fillers, collagen stimulators, non-surgical lifting through (IPL), CO2 laser fraction, Laser Q-Switch, SoftLift HIFU, and the FDA approved Ultherapy technique used to tighten and lift the face, neck and décolletage.


Doctor Carlos San Martín is a member of the prestigious group Top Doctors:

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